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I'm really into Kinpuri!!

Hope Genki will be back soon.


NEWS for my mobile

I'm a little stressed out because of my work. I need to do something more relaxed. So, I made some Ringtones for my mobile

 If you're interested, please feel free to take them, too.

Aki no Sora
- MF

Endless Summer - MF
(Yamapi and Tegoshi)
(Only 2 songs for now)
I'm not a pro on this. I did it to relax myself. I'm sorry if they're not so good ne.



I'm now still in LIVE with NEWS mode. I went to their concert  on 18-19-20 Sep. at Kyocera Dome.
I don't have to tell you how I feel, right? I guess you all know very well. ^_^

Only one word I can say right now - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE NEWS soooooooo much -

And on the way back home, I bought Popolo (but not Myojo, God knows why 555+++)
I'm sharing with you now. I'm not very keen on using the scanner. So, I'm sorry if the pics are not so clear.

POPOLO 2010.11 - NewS


Add    POPOLO 2010.11 -- Kanjani8


Add  Talent-teki Hayarimono Section - Popolo 2010.11

I scan this section for [info]king_kun 
But, feel free take them if you want.

Click the image to enlarge.

(I'm sorry that the last line from the bottom of the page is missing) 



You have the sweetest smile in the world!!!!!

Thanks for making me sooo...... happy.

~~~~HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY~~~~



I'm so bored today, so I just go through some websites. And Russ-k was one of them...

And I found the boys with summer collection.

I'm sorry if you've seen them before ne.

Click the pic to enlarge ^^ or go to russ-k website

 Early summer


High summer


Tegomass obsession

What's wrong with me? I have to watch Tegomass everyday. Is it called Tegomass addiction? I guess so... 5555 

I have to be away for a few days, and there won't be an Internet access for me. So, I have to watch Tegomass as much as I can now!!!

Boku no CinderallaCollapse )


I miss Japan and Tegomass

It's been like a week already that I came back from Japan and Tegomass concert at Nagoya. I went there with my 2 lovely friends gadegoi  and tikkiko

Thanks to them for taking me with them; otherwise, my dream would never come true.

too good to be trueCollapse )


Happy Valentine's Day

I can't wait!!!

I'm so excited about this.
Just take a look.....

I really can't wait to watch this. They look wonderful.
Thanks to
[info]pornvilai  for the file.


My recent obsession

After watching Orthros no Inu, Tacky has really distracted my attention. I know he's always been looking good. But, in this dorama, he looks soooooo unbelievably awesome. And I'm so obsessed with him right now.
I spent my holiday just looking through his files, and downloading them (my Internet speed is killing me, though). And I just realize that I've missed many wonderful things of Tacky.
my obsessionCollapse )