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I miss Japan and Tegomass

It's been like a week already that I came back from Japan and Tegomass concert at Nagoya. I went there with my 2 lovely friends gadegoi  and tikkiko

Thanks to them for taking me with them; otherwise, my dream would never come true.

When I first saw Tegomass on the stage, LIVE, I was speechless. I couldn't believe myself. It's just too good to be true.  At that time, I was like "Oh!! am I dreaming or what?"
They were so splendid and magnificent.  I know that you guys have read the report sharing in the community already, but this is just my feeling.

I was one row far from Massu and Tegoshi riding their lovely elephant. This is the only time that I could see them so close!!!! I really wanted to scream out loud, but I just couldn't.  I couldn't take my eyes off them, either (although they turned their back to us most of the time 55555)

While they were singing Hanamuke, they stood on the side stage. And the side stage was so closed in front of me, too. And Tegoshi, my ichiban, was there. Again, I couldn't do anything, but stared at him and tried to absorb everything in him; his move, his voice, or his face expression. I really couldn't believe my eyes again.

And I don't know why. Sometimes we don't need a reason for something, right? But, now after the concert, I really fall for Massu!!!!! Maybe, as my dear friend gadegoi  said, he was soooo sparkling ^^

Well, both Massu and Tegoshi stole my heart!!!!!!!  And I hope that I can go to Tegomass concert again next year, and of course with my dear friends gadegoi  and tikkiko 

And now, I'm looking forward to reading a report in Hiroshima.

I guess I should post some pics ne!!

This is Nagoya Gaishi Hall

And some random Tegomass pics as well......

Aren't they the most sweetest guys in the world???? 

My favourite pic of Massu now....

Also my favourite of all times........

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