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This post is just nothing.

I have nothing to do, and I just finished watching Hana Yori Dango. (like a hundred times already!!!)
And my "Domyoji" is so kakkoii!!!!!!!!! I just fall for him AGAIN...

So, I had to watch AAA again just to look at JUN........

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NEWS Picspam

I've been watching NWPD concert many many times for the last 4 days!!!  And I love when the boys play with the camera. I also love whan they pointed to the camera. they did it pretty often!!!

Here are some caps that I have (No Tego and Ryo ne!)



Hadashi no......

Gam Gam batte

Summer Time

Kei-chan did it the most often ne!!! Kawaii!!!!!
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Koi no ABO - Some caps from MS 2009.04.24

I just finish watching Koi no ABO performance on MS.
And These are some caps that I could do. There are not many, sorry for that ne!! Please wait for other caps from someone else. I'm sure there are a lot more to come. But, at least, I got each cap from every member, except Yamapi. I got 3 of him.

They are so gorgeous!!!!!!! I really can't wait for someone to upload it.

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I miss Tegoshi!!!!

I really had a bad day at work today. I'm sick of my boss!!!!  To get over it, I watched various performances of NewS. 55++

Recently, I don't see any update from them much, and this is killing me.
As the title says, I miss Tegoshi, my favourite one. So, I made some caps of him from various shows, and I want to share them with all of you.

Can you guess which show is it from, and which songs is he singing? It's easy, right?

Sorry if it's not made perfectly.

Start with this:

         cutie and  lovely from very beginning

           Look at those big eyes!!!!!!

       Please always be a kid for us, Tegoshi.

            cheek cheek!!!!!!  very cute


        Look sexy in black

         Never get tired of seeing him

               I fall in love with his smile.......

   He looks gorgeous with this hairstyle.

                      On the side

   Always do his best when singing

           Look serious byt very lovely

 How can we resist his smile??

      Blond hair always suits him

        When his skin is very tan.

          Again, look at his big eyes. It made my day....

         Even with hat, he's still gorgeous!!!

Caps pictures that have English sub were taken from original videos by newshfan 
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First post!!!!

I'm just new to this LJ......So, this is my first post.....
I'm so in love with everyone in NewS.

As you already know, Yamapi's so sexy. I think his face looks sweet when he smiles.

Keichan seems like a good guy. He's like a big brother to every member in NewS.

I think he's so handsome.....I still love him as Sousuke in Last Friend although he is DV.
He looks pretty sexy. His eyes are so sweet!!!!

He's a sweet guy. I love the way he sings with his hand. He smiles so sweetly.

I think he's getting hotter and hotter everyday. This hairstyle really suits him.

He's is my favourite. The way he laughs always makes girls go crazy!!!!!!
He's such an adorable boy!!!!!!

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